Rare Opportunity to be a part of history

As part if the induction of HH-52A 1426 into the Smithsonian we have the opportunity to place your pilot/aircrew flight-suit name tags inside of the helicopter.  Every aircrew name tag received will be put into helmet bags which will be placed in aircrew positions inside the aircraft.  These name tags  may not be visible to the public, but you will know that your name will be included as part of the exhibit and preserved in history.

Before the name tags are placed in the aircraft, they will be mounted on a plaque and photographed in front of 1426.  This photograph will be sent to each Coast Guard Air Station for display, and every participant who submitted a name tag will receive a copy of the photograph along with a certificate documenting  participation. The name tags will then be removed from the plaque and put into helmet bags which will be placed inside the aircraft.

To secure your place in history:

Pilot or CWO aircrew: $200.
Enlisted aircrew: $100.

You may submit your name tags that were worn on your actual flight suit, or order new name tags.

If you do not have name tags to submit: You can order new name tags from any place of your choice. For your convenience, the following sources have been suggested (Please order with Velcro backing).



This opportunity will close at midnight EST 15 Feb 2016

Submit your name tags to:

Coast Guard Aviation Association
PO Box 156
Crownsville, MD 21032-0156