Coast Guard Aviation Association Awards

Each year the Coast Guard Aviation Association honors active duty aviation personnel by recognizing outstanding achievement. Recipients of these awards are chosen by the United States Coast Guard. Awards include the The Victor Roulund Rescue Swimmer Meritorious Achievement Award, the Captain Gus Shrode Flight Safety Award, the Chief Oliver Berry Aviation Maintenance Award, the Commander Elmer Stone Fixed Wing Rescue Award, and the Captain Frank Erickson Rotary Wing Rescue Award. See below for award descriptions as well as past and present recipients.

2021 Awards


Steve Goldhammer, Ptero #1207


Gary Gamble Ptero 1826
Jim Loomis Ptero 1179
Sandra Shofner, USCG Auxiliary Ptero P-3044

Nomination Summary

The President of the Coast Guard Aviation Association (CGAA) takes pleasure in presenting the President's Award to CDR Gary Gamble, USCG (retired), in recognition of his extraordinary and enduring contributions to CGAA. As the Vice President of Communications and Media, CDR Gamble is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the organization's internal communications, external communications, and the distribution of all pertinent information to our membership and the public. For more than a decade. Gary has ensured that all CGAA published materials, including social media portals, and printed messaging promote, enhance, protect, and advance the organization's brand reputation. CDR Gamble recently led the organization's migration to Office 365 for Nonprofit organizations, which has provided the Ptero leadership team with a full suite of critical business applications in a secure environment, combined with the collaborative, anywhere, anytime availability of the cloud, at no cost to CGAA. With all new technology comes significant integration and user challenge. Without CDR Gamble's extraordinary technical expertise, steady hand for training and guiding system users, and interminable patience, CGAA would undoubtedly suffer losses of performance and volunteer labor. As an integral member of the Executive Board of Directors for many years, CDR Gamble has established himself as a thoughtful and innovative leader. He is held in the highest regard among seniors and juniors alike, and is genuinely sincere in offering constructive counsel and leadership lessons. He always advocates for teamwork and shared successes. Regardless of the complexity of the challenges and opportunities presented to the association, the President and other board members recognize and appreciate CDR Gamble's experienced insights, as a voice of reason. CDR Gamble's initiative, dedication, and leadership are most heartily commended, and in keeping with the highest traditions of the Aviation Association and the United States Coast Guard.


CDR Michael G. Brattland, USN Retired, Ptero #P-5463 

2021 Victory Roulund Award Presentation at AIRSTA Houston


AST2 James A. Chandler, USCG

Nomination Summary

Petty Officer Chandler is cited for outstanding achievement while serving as a rescue swimmer on Coast Guard helicopter MH-65 No. 6581, in response to Tropical Storm IMELDA in Southeastern Texas from September 18th through September 20th, 2019.

Tropical Storm IMELDA rapidly developed and made landfall in less than an hour bringing more than 43 inches of rain and catastrophic flooding to the area. On one occasion during the period, battling low ceilings, heavy rain and widespread thunderstorms, the 6581 launched to perform a MEDEVAC of an unresponsive patient with diminishing vital signs. Once on scene, Petty Officer CHANDLER swiftly assessed the situation and prepared the patient for transport. His quick actions resulted in minimum ground time, thereby increasing the patient’s chances of survival. Immediately recognizing the woman’s critical condition, he instructed the Flight Mechanic on the use of a bag valve mask in order to provide her with supplemental oxygen, allowing Petty Officer CHANDLER to focus on chest compressions, providing CPR for the 30 minute transit to Ellington Field. There, the patient was transferred to an awaiting ambulance.

Due to the severe lack of available medical personnel, the ambulance crew requested that Petty Officer CHANDLER continue to provide lifesaving care in the ambulance for the 45 minutes enroute to a hospital. Once there, the patient was stabilized and ultimately recovered. Petty Officer CHANDLER’s efforts directly resulted in the saving of a life. His professional skill, judgment and devotion to duty are most heartily commended and are in keeping with the actions, ideals, and inspiration demonstrated by award namesake, Petty Officer Victor Roulund.

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CDR Benjamin J. Norris
CGAS Atlantic City, NJ

Nomination Summary

CDR Norris distinguished himself through professional competence, outstanding performance, and overall impact to the Aeronautical Engineering community. As the Air Station Atlantic City Aeronautical Engineering Officer and H-65 Prime Unit, CDR Norris improved recognition range, inspection capabilities, and bolstered operational safety of the aging H-65 fleet. He assured the continuous readiness of two SAR aircraft across two districts, two alert RWAI aircraft at the NCRADF, and two alert RWAI aircraft in supporting deployable POTUS Protection Missions. His expertise in Rotary Wing Air Intercept (RWAI) mission support and execution enabled him to streamline the units’ ability to deploy in 72 hours for any CONUS location and enabled a 100 percent mission response. CDR Norris also performed a vital role in the planning of the future RWAI Mission Support Facility. His extraordinary leadership and devotion to training enabled the completion of 482 upgrade sorties and 126 aviation qualifications for pilots and aircrew.

Past Recipients

This annual award, presented by the Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics, and sponsored by the Coast Guard Aviation Association (CGAA), recognizes individual accomplishments and achievements within the Aeronautical Engineering Program.

2020      LCDR Sean T. Groark
2019      CDR Jerry J. Krywanczyk

Captain Marion “Gus” Shrode
Flight Safety Award

The Flight Safety Department of AIRSTA Clearwater
LCDR Eric S. Casida, USCG
LCDR Charles A. Lumpkin, USCG
LT Timothy G. Nicolet, USCG

Past Recipients

The Coast Guard Aviation Association annually presents the Captain Marion "Gus" Shrode Aviation Safety Award to recognize superior performance and outstanding contributions to Coast Guard aviation safety. Captain Shrode was a pioneer in the development of Coast Guard aviation standardization programs, including publication of the Coast Guard's first aircraft standardization manual. Captain Shrode was also instrumental in creating the Coast Guard's Aviation Training Center in 1966, served as the Aviation Safety Chief, and completed seven years of continuous aviation command with distinction.

2020 Air Station Houston Safety Department
2019      Aviation Training Center (ATC) Mobile Safety Department
2018 Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron (HITRON) LCDR Jessica S. Davila, LT John R. Sauve, LT David H. Blue, LT Joseph P. Rozycki, LT Thomas E. Horejs and Lt Michael J. Gereau
2017      LCDR Heather Majeska, LCDR Dave McCarthy, LT Dustin Burton, LT David Wright, LTJG Carter Schlank, AND MST1 Lizette Guiterrez, AirSta Clearwater Av Safety Dept
2016      LCDR James Cooley, CGAS Astoria
2015      LT Daniel Crowley, CGAS Houston
2014      Air Station Cape Cod Safety Department: LT Arthur Mahar, LT Garin Kirkpatrick, LT Kimberly Hess
2013      AS North Bend Safety Department: LCDR Jason Gelfand, LT Caroline Kearney
2012      AS Humboldt Bay Safety Department: LT Kelly Deuterman, LT Terrance Herdliska
2011      AS E-City Safety Department: LT Jeremy Davis, LT Thomas Huntley, LT Nicholas Hazlett
2010      AS Los Angeles Safety Department: LT Patrick Dill, LT Barry Miles, LT Joel Cooper (RAN)
2009      LT Robert Fitzgerald, CGAS San Francisco
2008      AS Clearwater Safety Department: LT Rob Donnell, LT Josh Fitzgerald, LTJG James Bates and MST1 Jon Gebo
2007      AS Atlantic City Safety Department: LT Brian Potter and LT Frank Fusco
2006      Sector Corpus Christi Safety Department: CDR John Danaher, LT Juan Posada and Ms Jammie Fisher
2005      LT Sean O’Brien, CGAS Houston
2004      AS Kodiak Safety Department: LCDR Brian Washburn, LT Jeremy Smith, LT Timothy Eason and Mr. Scott Tobias
2003      LT Richard Bates, HITRON Jacksonville
2002      LT Charles Carrulo, AS Atlantic City
2001      LT John Rivers, CGAS Miami
2000      CWO Chirstopher Toupin, AR&SC
1999      LT Randy Emery, CGAS Atlantic City
1998      LT David Scott, CGAS Borenquen

Captain Frank Erickson
Rotary Wing Rescue Award

HITRON crew of CGNR 6606
LCDR Jesse Keyser
LT Rachel Rychtanek
AET1 James Mann

Nomination Summary

In recognition of their heroic efforts during deployment aboard USCGC SENECA. On 08 November 2020, Hurricane Eta ravaged Central America with concentrated destruction and damage in Honduras, causing at least 58 deaths and over $5 billion in damage to critical infrastructure, affecting a population of 2.9 million. Attached to USCGC SENECA, the crew of CGNR 6606 reacted quickly and effectively in assisting the Honduran people from 11-13 November 2020. USCGC SENECA was diverted to the eastern coast of Honduras for Hurricane Aid/SAR support following the impact of Hurricane Eta. TACON was shifted to US Naval Forces Southern Command/US Fourth Fleet, and SENECA received tasking and operated under Joint Task Force-Bravo (JTF-B) and Command Task Force-45 (CTF-45). SENECA was the first maritime asset to reach the eastern side of Honduras, with CGNR 6606 as the first and sole air asset on-scene in eastern Honduras. CGNR 6606 led response operations across a 60-square nautical mile area, from the Honduran shoreline south to the Honduras-Nicaragua border. CGNR 6606 identified and overcame the challenges of operating in an unfamiliar, rural area in foreign airspace, including inadequate and outdated charts, no air traffic control, and a substantial language barrier. CGNR 6606 acquired internet-based DoD JOG charts, assisted in reconnaissance of critical infrastructure in the region, and helped develop a working air rescue plan for relocation of trauma patients and supply aid. This important work was pivotal in laying the groundwork for sustained multi-service air support in the eastern Honduras operating area over the coming weeks. JTF-B tasked CGNR 6606 for a MEDEVAC at a remote, inland location south of Puerto Lempira near the Honduras-Nicaragua border. The aircrew braved 60 miles of unfamiliar mountainous terrain, while navigating under and around low ceilings and thunderstorms with dangerous updrafts and downdrafts. CGNR 6606 located the village, reported severe flooding, and observed significant damage to the village structures and limited infrastructure. CGNR 6606 identified a small patch of farmland with minimal flooding as the primary landing zone and conducted a confined area landing to survivors waiving frantically for assistance. CGNR 6606 was met by two military officers in uniform escorting a third uniformed officer in evident pain. CGNR 6606 ensured the patient was ready for transport and executed low-power margin takeoff, clearing dust and debris for a rapid climb above the surrounding village obstacles. CGNR 6606 proceeded back northbound through precipitation and around localized thunderstorms to transfer the patient. CGNR 6606 was then tasked to proceed to a remote coastal village approximately 30nm Northwest of Puerto Lempira for an urgent MEDEVAC. Once on scene, CGNR 6606 displayed ingenuity by orbiting around the village church to direct citizens to congregate there. CGNR 6606 performed a confined area landing adjacent to the church and identified an elderly, diabetic, double amputee in need of immediate higher medical care. Low on fuel, CGNR 6606 departed to CGC SENECA offshore for refuel and subsequent return. While en route back to the village, CGNR 6606 experienced an AFCS yaw system failure, which significantly increased the difficulty and risk of confined area landings. CGNR 6606 elected to proceed on its assigned mission, conducted another confined area landing, and embarked the wheelchair-bound survivor. CGNR 6606 departed scene facing inclement weather and began to weigh the risks of continued confined area landings with the onset of fatigue and a degraded aircraft. CGNR 6606 identified a primitive dirt strip at the Puerto Lempira Airfield for landing and survivor transfer to an awaiting vehicle. The crew of CGNR 6606’s bravery and aeronautical skill resulted in two lives saved with several hundreds more saved and assisted through delivery of lifesaving supplies and forward operating location establishment for medical and military personnel. Leading the rescue efforts during the critical first few days of the aftermath of Hurricane Eta, the crew of CGNR 6606 demonstrated unwavering dedication to the Coast Guard’s humanitarian life-saving mission. CGNR 6606 confronted flight in an unfamiliar mountainous region with myriad navigation hazards and landed safely in multiple unprepared confined areas. Furthermore, the aircrew leveraged local military and government officials’ expertise while managing “fog-of-war” complexities following a destructive Category Four hurricane in a third-world country. CGNR 6606’s exceptional actions and heroism undoubtedly advanced rescue efforts for eastern Honduras for response to Hurricane Eta, as well as Hurricane Iota, which struck the same area just ten days later. In addition to the above superior aviation acumen, the crew of CGNR 6606 displayed exceptional bravery and phenomenal aerial skill while on the same USCGC SENECA deployment by executing two successful Non-compliant Vessel – Counter Drug interdictions. On a difficult night-time case, the crew of CGNR 6606 expertly maneuvered the MH-65D to engage an evasively maneuvering target of interest that attempted to exploit the aerodynamic limitations of the helicopter by executing aggressive 180 degree turns and running with the wind on the stern of the vessel. CGNR 6606 flawlessly executed disabling fire on the TOI while in an opposing heading profile, in which CGNR 6606 perfectly paralleled the TOI’s heading and speed over water, all while flying backwards and using only the Head’s-up Display for instrumental reference. During the interdiction, the crew was simultaneously compensating for low illumination, reduced visibility, precipitation, and shifting wind patterns. In a timespan of less than two weeks, CGNR 6606 completed two separate Airborne Use of Force cases, which resulted in the interdiction of 1,900 kilograms of cocaine at an estimated street value of $75 million and the detention of 7 narco-traffickers.

Past Recipients

The Frank Erickson Award recognizes Rotary-Wing aircrews who have demonstrated exceptional performance while engaged in search and rescue operations.

2020 Sector Humboldt Bay crew of CGNR 6561
LCDR Derek L. Schramel, LTJG Adam J. Ownbey, AMT3 Tyler S. Cook, AST1 P. Graham McGinnis

2019 Aircraft CGNR 6032
LCDR William J. Burwell,  CP: LT Katelyn M. Dacimo,  RS: AST2 Michael W. Kelly,  RS: AST3 Luke M. Headley,  FM: AMT1 Devin R. Lloyd

2018    Air Station Kodiak crew of CG-6593
LCDR Daniel A. Schrader, LCDR Adam L. Mullins, AMT2 Jentzen D. Green, AET1 Gregory K. Mayes, AET2 Jacqueline V. Gutierrez

2017     North Bend crew of CGNR 6559
LT Zachary Wiest, LT Wesley Jones, AMT2 Jason Caristo, and AST3 Chad Morris

2016     CGNR 6032 crew, AS Sitka
LCDR Christopher S. Stoeckler, LT Matthew R. Herring, AET3 Class Jeremy A. Reed, AST2 Class Brendan D.Dent, HS2 Class Ryan F. Ransom

2015     MH-60 CGNR 6033 crew AS Cape Cod
LT John D. Hess, LT Matthew R. Vanderslice, AMT2 Derrick P Suba, AST3 Evan A. Staph

2014     MH-65 CGNR 6515 crew, AS San Francisco
LCDR James Kenshalo, LT Beau Belanger, AST3 Corey Fix, AMT2 Travis Swain

2013     MH60T CGNR 6012 crew, Elizabeth City
LCDR Steven Cerveny, LT Jane Pena, AMT3 Michael Lufkin, AST2 Randy Haba

2012     HH-60 CG-6010 Crew, AS Kodiak
CDR Matthew Breckel, LT John Filipowicz, AMT2 Joshua Harris, AST2 Steven Fischer

2011     HH-60 CG-6013 crew, AS Kodiak

2010     HH-65C crew, AS Atlantic City
LCDR Sean O’Brien, LT Neal Corbin, AMT2 Ian Berg, AST2 David Downham

2009      HH-60J crew, AS Clearwater
LCDR Mark Turner, LTjg Daniel Cathell, AMT2 Jason Menezes, AST3 Jon Geskus

2008     HH-65 crew, AS Kodiak
LT Timothy Schmitz, LT Greg Gederner, AMT2 Alfred Musgrave, AST2 Abram Heller

2007     HH-65 crew, AS Kodiak
LCDR Joseph Carroll, LT Devin Townsend, AST1 Willard Milam, AET2 John Maghupoy

2006     HH-60 crew, AS Sitka
LCDR William Simmons, LCDR Walter Horne, AMT3 Karl Schickle, AST3 Jon Houlberg

2005     HH-65 crew, AS Kodiak
LT Timothy Eason, LT Robert Kornexl, AMT3 Gibbons

2004     HH-60 crew, AS Kodiak
LCDR Joseph Uxmann, LT Jeremy Smith, AMT2 Joseph Triechel, AST2 Joshua Mitcheltree, HS2 Marc Capra

2003     HH-65 crew, AS Humboldt Bay
LVCDR Even Grant, LT Andrea Sacchetti, AMT2 Raymond Morris

2002     HH-65 crew, AS North Bend
CDR Douglas Kaup, LT Steven Detton, AVT3 Benjamin Berman, AST3 Erick Biehn

2001     HH-65 crew, AS Savannah
LT Lance Belben, LT Sean Morrisey, AMT3 Curtis Winn, AST2 Jason Mathers

2000     HH-60 crew, AS Sitka
LCDR Robert Yerex, LT james O’Keefe, AMT1 Christian Bloanco, AST3 Noel Hutton

Commander Elmer Stone
Fixed Wing Rescue Award

Air Station Barbers Point crew of CGNR 1720
LCDR Tucker Rodeffer
LT Jack Emmons
AMT2 Jacob Desmarais
AET3 Anders Forsberg
AMT2 Charles Camarda
AET2 Trenton Garza
AET3 Clinton Carpenter 

Nomination Summary

In recognition of their heroic efforts on 22 December 2020, District 14 received a request from the island nation of Kiribati for assistance with Search and Rescue (SAR). A fisherman from Betio Temakin, Tarawa, had disembarked three friends at an atoll to go spearfishing. When he did not return in his 20 ft wooden skiff, they notified the authorities. Since all possible staging locations for the case were closed due to COVID-19, the Air Station Barbers Point duty crew worked with State Department officials and the Republic of the Marshall Islands to secure Kwajalein Atoll, the first time a Coast Guard crew had been allowed landing access since the pandemic began. After arriving in Kwajalein, the CGNR 1720 crew was placed in strict quarantine when not in flight and subject to daily screenings involving twice daily temperature and blood oxygen checks, a protocol and operational template which has since been implemented to enable numerous SAR crews to operate from this location. The search effort involved five days deployed away from home station and consisted of 29.4 hours of searching and a total of 45.2 hours flown. During three days of searching, the crew flew four hours round-trip from Kwajalein and navigated more than 500 NM through convective activity, embedded thunderstorms, and turbulence to reach the search area. On the final day of the search and in the last search box, the Basic Aircrewman sighted an object in the water from the left hand scanner window. The Sensor System Operator quickly identified the object as the missing skiff. The survivor was clearly emaciated from spending five days at sea without food or water. The Navigator detected a fishing vessel 25 NM north of the skiff, but a language barrier prevented effective communication. Working with a translator at District 14, the Radio Operator vectored a good-Samaritan vessel, the F/V JABUUK, toward the skiff. After two hours on-scene, the Flight Engineer of CGNR-1720 noticed an unidentified, co-altitude helicopter en-route to their position.
CG-1720 quickly maneuvered to de-conflict with the other aircraft and assisted with expediting the rescue. The helicopter had launched from the F/V JABUUK. CGNR-1720 remained on-scene and served as cover while the good-Samaritan and the helicopter rescued the emaciated fisherman. Superior airmanship, comprehensive aircraft and procedural knowledge, well veiled operational risk management, and exceptional crew coordination all combined to successfully complete the unit’s most complex rescue of 2020 resulting in one life saved.

Past Recipients

The Elmer Stone Award recognizes Fixed-Wing aircrews who have demonstrated exceptional performance while engaged in search and rescue operations


2019      CREW CGNR 1720:   LT Erik Wyrick, LT Terrell Jackson, AMT2 Greg Knigh,t AT2 Trenton Garza, AMT2 Garth Booye, AT3 Kevin Blair, AMT3 Colby Smith
2018     Air Station Barbers Point Crew of CG-1703 LCDR Sean H. Bartonicek, LTJG Evan C. Swinghamer, AET2 Beau F. Fisch, AET2 Andrew M. Davis, AMT2 Ryan A. Cabrera, AET2 Jeremiah J. Strombeck, AET3 Shawn M. Feleppa
2017      CREW OF HC-130 1790, CGAS Barber's Point LCDR Antone Alongi 
LT Matthew Chase, 
AMTC James Starr,
 AET1 CLASS William Osterhout, 
AET2 CLASS Robert Wandell, 
AMT2 CLASS Jeremy Andrews, 
AMT2 Daelyn Chaney
2016      CREW OF HC-130 1790, CGAS Barber's Point LCDR Antone Alongi 
LT Matthew Chase, 
AMTC James Starr,
 AET1 CLASS William Osterhout, 
AET2 CLASS Robert Wandell, 
AMT2 CLASS Jeremy Andrews, 
AMT2 Daelyn Chaney
2015      HC-144 CGNR 2309 crew, CGAS Cape Cod LT Jamison R. Ferriell, LT Erik J. Price, AMT3 Eric C. Woods, AMT3 Christopher S. Lelyo
2014      HC-144 CGNR 2309 crew, CGAS Cape Cod LT Dustin Lee, LT Steven Vanderlaske, AMT1 Stephen Underwood, AMT3 Eric Woods
2013      HC-130J CGNR 2004 crew, CGAS Elizabeth City LT Michael Myers, LTJG Frank McIntosh, AMT3 Eric Laster, AMT3 Jesse Embert, AMT1 Hector Rios, AET1 Joshua Adams, AET3 Joshua Vargo
2012      HC-130 CGNR 1790 crew. AS Kodiak LT Israel Young, LT Jeanine Menze, LCDR Michael Benson, AET1 Roderick Hanson, AMTC Paul Henning, AET3 Dane Butler, AMT1 Jared Morrison, AET3 Clark Patterson
2011      HC-144 CGNR 2306 crew, AS Miami LT Stacia Parrott, LTJG Daniel Feirman, AET1 Thomas Morrell, AMT2 Casey Green, AMT2 Jacob Eide, AET3 Jeremy Church
2010      HC-130 crew, AS Barbers Point LT David Shook, LTJG Phillip Ortega, AET1 Robert Blume, AET2 Michael House, AMT3 Case McCroden, AMT3 Paul Johnson
2009     HC-130 crew, AS Sacramento LCDR Che Barnes, LT Randall Black, AMT1 Andrew Kasten, AMT1 Randall Purdy, AMT1 Jason Ferguson, AET2 Nathan LaCroix, AET2 Brennan Bridgeford, AMT3 Joseph Mackey
2008     HC-130 crew, AS Kodiak LT Steve McKechnie, CDR Paul Titcombe, AMT1 Shawn Callis, AET1 Kevin Duryea, AET3 Jason Maddux, AMT3 Coreyt Strobel, AMT3 Collin Spencer

2007     HC-130 crew, AS Elizabeth City LT Paul Beavis, LT Edward Ahlstrand, AMT1 Trey Jones, AET3 Jesse Bennett, AMT2 Stacey Sorenson, AET3 Ryan Cantu, AMT3 Casey Green

2006     HU-24 crew, ATC Mobile LT Anthony Cella, LT Steven Talick, AMT2 Ralph Turner, AMT3 Bobby Acree, AET2 Andrew Goodison
2005     HC-130 crew, AS Kodiak LCDR Todd Schmidt, LT Steven McKechnie, AMT1 Kevin Kearns, AET1Martin, AMT2 Noriega, AMT2 Thomas Auito, AET2 Scott Maret
2003     HC-130 crew, AS Elizabeth City LCDR Michael Callahan, LT Alan Hansen, AMTC Howard Reed, AVT2 Philip Benton, AVT3 Beau Stough, AVT2 Bennet Durham, AMT3 Christopher Teall, AMT1 Thomas Baugh, AMT3 Wendy Musser
2002     HU-25 crew, AS Cape Cod LT Curtis Sumrok, LTjg Rob Barthelmes, AMT2 Thomas Arnette, AVT2 William Shrade
2001     HC-130 crew, AS Clearwater LCDR Kirk Bartnik, LCDR Geoff Borree, LT Ronald DeWitt, LT Jonathan Spaner, AMT1 Stephen
2000     HC-130 crew, AS Elizabeth City LCDR Bill Thompson, LCDR John Keeton, AMT1 John Nicholson, AMT1 Tim Waller, AT1 Mike McCleary, AMT2 Ed Holland, AT2 Pat Mudge

Chief Aviation Machinist Mate
Oliver Berry
Aviation Maintenance Award

AMT1 Derek S. Ross

ALC Elizabeth City Medium Range Recover Product Line

Past Recipients

The Coast Guard Aviation Association annually presents the Chief Aviation Machinist Mate Oliver F. Berry Aviation Maintenance Award to an aviation technician who has demonstrated exceptional performance and enhanced the overall quality of Coast Guard aviation maintenance.

2020 AMT2 Jaime J. Marrero, Air Station Sacramento
2019     AET1 Brittany Bryant
2018      AET2 Zoltan Peter, C-27 Asset Project Office (APO)
2017      AMT1 John Levi T. Berg, Aviation Logistics Center
2016      AMT1 Jeremiah D. Branscomb, Aviation Logistics Center
2015      AMTC Joshua E. Vogan, CGAS Barbers Point
2014      AMT2 Christopher J. Roode of CGAS Elizabeth City
2013      AMTC Kevin Deininger, CGAS Barbers Point
2012      AMT1 Lawrence Peranto, CGAS Kodiak
2011      AMT1 Jacob Linder, CGAS Humboldt Bay
2010      AMT1 Frank Fontanez, ATC Mobile
2009      AMT2 Brandon Smith, CGAS San Diego
2008      AMT2 Bryan Patrick, CGAS San Francisco
2007      AMT2 David Parker, CGAS Houston
2006      AMT1 Cletis Milan, CGAS Elizabeth City
2005      AMT1 Randy Losada, CGAS Miami
2004      AM1 Brad Barrington, CGAS San Diego
2003      CWO Pete Fonticoba, CGAS Miami

The Victor Roulund Rescue Swimmer Meritorious Achievement Award

Awarded every 2 years, last awarded in 2019:

CDR Ken Coffland, CG Aviator 1600
CDR Hugh O’Doherty, CG Aviator 1732
CAPT Dana Goward, CG Aviator 1825
LCDR Dick Wright, CG Aviator 1914

Nomination Summary

The Victor Roulund Rescue Swimmer Meritorious Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Rescue Swimmer Program through sustained superior performance, significant initiative in technology or tactics, and unique or extraordinary accomplishments in other areas associated with the Program. This award is sponsored by the Coast Guard Aviation Association and established in 2015.

This award is named in honor of AD2 Victor Roulund, who was assigned to Air Station SanFrancisco, when in late December 1955, he was participating as a flight mechanic aboard CG­1305, an HO4S helicopter. His crew faced daunting weather and rescue challenges in the vicinity of the Yuba River in northern California, where countless homes and people were seriously stricken in extreme flooding conditions throughout the region. AD2 Roulund voluntarily accepted a very risky rescue attempt, after being hoisted down to a trailer home which was floating down the river. Using hand tools and quick intuition, he broke into the home which was nearly fully submerged, and rescued a woman who was completely disabled, and later placed her into the rescue basket for a successful hoist. AD2 Roulund and his fellow aircrew rescued a total of 138 people during a grueling 12 hour period of nonstop action. All four aircrew were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. AD2 Roulund’s actions have since been considered the first example of typical mission challenges faced by present day Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers.

CGAA Rescue Swimmer Meritorious Service Award Criteria

Past Recipients

ASTCM John F. Hall, USCG
ASTCM Scott Dyer, USCG (Ret.)
AST1 Richard “Rick” McElrath, USCG (Ret.)

ASTCM Thomas “Buck” Beaudry, USCG (AIRSTA Miami)
ASMCM Larry Farmer, USCG (Ret.)
ASTCM Joseph “Butch” Flythe, USCG (Ret.)
ASMCM Darell M. Gelakoska, USCG (Ret.)