Executive Board

President: RADM Jim Van Sice (1777)
Executive Vice President: Mark D’Andrea (2359)
Executive Director: Benjamin J. Stoppe (1646)
Treasurer: Benjamin J. Stoppe (1646)
Asst. Treasurer: Ray Miller (2141)
Executive Secretary: Paul L. Milligan (1034)

Board Members

VP, History, Archives & Awards- John “Bear” Moseley (743) uscgaviationhistory.aoptero.org
VP,Unit Support & Agency Liaison – vacant
VP, Museums, Aircraft, Artifacts & Restorations – vacant
VP, Development -VADM Terry M. Cross (1584)
VP,National Roosts – Jay D. Crouthers (1360)
VP Communications & Media Affairs -Gary Gamble (1826)- Webmaster – www.aoptero.org
VP, Membership-Edward Greiner (2521)
Centennial CG Aviation Chair – VADM John P. Currier (1877)
Historian – John “Bear” Moseley (743)
At Large – Paul Langlois (1954)
Ye Ancient Scribe-Steve Goldhammer (1207)
Ye Ancient Albatross – VADM Charles W. Ray, USCG (2311)- ex officio
Ye Enlisted Ancient Albatross – ASTCM Clay Hill, USCG (P-3058) – ex officio

For a list of e-mail address, send a blank e-mail to info@cgaviationassn.org (you can write something in the e-mail if you want, but it will be discarded before anyone reads it). You will receive an automated reply with the e-mail address you are looking for.