Coast Guard Aviation Association

Reserve aviation workforce roll-out

By Cmdr. Marc McDonnell, Office of Aviation Forces

The reserve component delivers tremendous value to the Coast Guard and is, without question, key to the Coast Guard’s long history of operational success. Yet, Coast Guard aviation, one of our service’s largest communities, is not represented in the reserve. With over 4,000 enlisted personnel and over 1,000 officers in aviation, there is a tremendous opportunity for the Coast Guard to develop a new capability in the reserve that directly supports our missions and our people.

To remedy this capability gap, the Office of Aviation Forces and the Coast Guard Reserve are working to develop the reserve aviation workforce. With a target start date of Summer 2021, the initiative will start by making 50 billets available to enlisted aviation personnel (E-4 to E-6) who are separating from active duty. The motivation for developing this workforce is simple: enable our aviation personnel to continue their chosen career path in the reserve, retain aviation technical expertise, and develop an aviation surge and mobilization capability