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2018 Roost

Great Wolf Lodge | Traverse City, MI
September 6-9, 2018

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    Hotel Reservations

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    Hotel Reservations

    The 2018 Ptero Roost will be September 6-9 at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI.   Located on US 31 just a few miles from Lake Michigan,  Great Wolf Lodge is a world class facility which features unique attractions, dining options, shopping outlets, a Conference Center with a highly professional atmosphere and so much more. 

    Roost Rate: $99 per night plus tax
    Reservation deadline is August 16, 2018.

    • Call 1-866-962-9653 for reservations, Group Reservation Code is 1809COAST. Room reservations outside the “core dates” are now on a space available basis.  Other nights outside the core Roost dates are now at a substantial Military discounted rate.
    • Rooms blocked for our use are Family Suites with two Queen beds, a living room area and a small outside deck area.  Rate is based on an occupancy up to 4 persons.
    • 10% Military discount on all food and beverage as well as gift shop purchases with valid military ID.
    • Important Online Reservation Information: Reservations for the 6th, 7th and 8th (core dates) may be made on line at www.greatwolf.com  Select location, Traverse City, type in dates desired, number of guests and the Group code 1809COAST before selecting book now, otherwise the group rate will not show.  Price for the 6th, 7th and 8th is still $99.00 plus tax. 

    All reservations must be guaranteed by the individual and accompanied by a first night room deposit guaranteed with a major credit card. Each individual has up to 72 hours prior to arrival date to cancel the reservation with a $40.00 cancellation fee.

    Once you make your reservation, you will receive a confirmation E-mail from Great Wolf.   In addition to the nightly rate of $99.00 plus 11% tax you will see a “Resort Fee” of $29.99.  We successfully negotiated this fee out of our contract.   However, despite the best efforts of Great Wolf Tech support, they are unable to make that automatic charge go away.   Fear not.   The resort fee will be deleted prior to your check out.  The cost to you will be $109.89 per night.

    More information on official Roost events, activity sign up as well as self guided visitor information will follow soon.

    If you have already made a reservation and now wish to make a revision to your stay,  you MUST call the Reservations Department at 1-866-962-9653.  Revising your reservation online will not work

    For questions or to report any problems e-mail: [email protected]

    Anderson, David
    Belz, Dave
    Benjamin, Mark
    Blair, Patrick
    Boetig, Robert
    Boyd, Rod
    Busick, Paul
    Caskie, Greg
    Chambers, Richard
    Cole, Frank
    Coursey, Roger
    Creasey, Mark
    Crouthers, Jay
    Cunningham, Tim
    Davis, John
    Dehnel, Gary
    Denmark, Charles
    Denning, Jeremy
    Dewhirst, Christopher
    Edgecomb, Keith
    Emerson, Michael
    Finnegan, Thomas
    Flythe Jr, Joseph
    Foels, James
    Frail, Bruce
    Gamble, Gary
    Geers, Maryanne
    Gerfin, Andrew
    Goldhammer, Stephen
    Goodreau, Dale
    Gordon, Thomas
    Green, Richard
    Haase, Tom
    Harris, Kit
    Hayes, William
    Hotchkiss, Ann
    Jacobson, Barry
    Johanson, Robert
    Kaup, Douglas
    Keller, James
    King, Thomas
    Kunkel, David
    Lamb, Julian
    Lewis, John

    Loter, Cecil
    Lutton, Capt. Thomas
    Mcgrath, John
    Mcpherson, William
    Melnick, Bruce
    Miller, Craig
    Miller, Donna,Mrs.
    Milligan, Paul
    Mullen, Lauren
    Nagy, Janis
    Norat, Richard
    Olsen, Kenneth
    Oskolski, Joseph
    Ott, Curtis
    Parker, Dennis
    Perry, James
    Peschel, Rudy
    Pettitt, Jeff
    Powers, Bob
    Ray, Admiral Charlie
    Rich, Tom
    Robbins, Dennis
    Ross, Art
    Russell, Paul
    Schoen, John
    Shields, William
    Sickafoose, Jerry
    Spitler, William
    Stoppe, Benjamin
    Storm, Sperry
    Thompson, Donald
    Turner, Dennis
    Utley, Ralph
    Vance, James
    Vaughn, Donald
    Wallace, James
    Walz, Stanley
    Westrup, Gregory
    Whiddon, John
    Winchester, Don
    Wood, Merrill
    Woolford, Richard
    Wynn, Tom

    Roost Activities

    Self Guided Activities

    For or more information about activities, facilities, restaurants and etc,  in the Traverse City area go to:   Traversecity.com

    Looking for a fun activity during your visit to the Grand Traverse area?  A pleasant balloon ride might be just what the Dr. ordered.  For info:  abovetraverseballoons.com    Be sure and tell them that you are with the Ptero reunion and ask for the Coast Guard rate.
    For your transportation needs:  traversecityblackcar.com   This service is provided by CW3 Craig Dilloway, USCG (ret).   Be sure and mention that you are a Ptero.  Craig will try to work for free.  Don’t let him!!   Just ask for the Coast Guard rate.
    For a tour of historic Building 50:  thevillagetc.com/tour/    Tour and soak in the history of the former Traverse City State Hospital.  This is well worth your time!