Coast Guard Aviation Association Awards

Each year at the annual Roost the Coast Guard Aviation Association honors active duty aviation personnel by recognizing outstanding achievement.

Captain Marion “Gus” Shrode
Flight Safety Award

Air Station Humboldt Bay Safety Department
LT Kelly Deutermann USCG
LT Terrance Herdliska USCG

Award Summary

The Coast Guard Aviation Association annually presents the Captain Marion “Gus” Shrode Aviation Safety Award to recognize superior performance and outstanding contributions to Coast Guard aviation safety. Captain Shrode was a pioneer in the development of Coast Guard aviation standardization programs, including publication of the Coast Guard’s first aircraft standardization manual. Captain Shrode was also instrumental in creating the Coast Guard’s Aviation Training Center in 1966, served as the Aviation Safety Chief, and completed seven years of continuous aviation command with distinction.

Nomination Summary

The safety department was selected by the commandant’s staff for outstanding performance from among the impressive nominations of other aviation safety departments and individuals.

These officers invested tremendous effort to re-invigorate and expand the unit’s safety posture. Efforts included a new focus upon the units existing Operational Risk Management (ORM) program and instituted innovative new checks and balances to complement the unit’s safety program. They promoted a safety culture combining transparency with accountability, crucial elements to program success. The safety department augmented standard quantitative ORM criteria with subjective criteria based on dedicated sterile space for pre-flight ORM discussions and the command instituted a formal procedure validating crewmembers input for inclusion in the ORM process. The team also adopted high visibility safety promotion efforts based on crew input from initial check-in to a formal and comprehensive safety assessment during a member’s check-out. They established a frequent rotation of impressive guest speakers on a regular basis throughout the year and promoted safety in advance of long holidays, prior to transfer season, and efforts that promoted safe operations and flight discipline throughout the entire year. The safety department distinguished itself during numerous complex mishap investigations, demonstrating expertise and analytical intuition in well-written messages to the aviation community. These achievements promoted aviation safety and reinforced a climate of professionalism, aviation expertise and proficiency.

Captain Frank Erickson
Rotary Wing Rescue Award


LCDR Matthew Breckel, LT John Filipowicz
AMT2 Joshua Harris, AST2 Steven Fischer

Past Recipients

The Frank Erickson Award recognizes Rotary-Wing aircrews who have demonstrated exceptional performance while engaged in search and rescue operations.

Nomination Summary

The Captain Frank A. Erickson award goes to the Air Station Kodiak crew of CGNR 6010 in recognition of their heroic efforts on 25 January 2012.

The actions of this aircrew resulted in seven lives saved. Encountering icing conditions throughout their transit, CG 6010 arrived on-scene to find that the F/V Heritage had sunk and the crew had abandoned ship. Five members made it into a life raft and two others were floating in their survival suits. With ice accumulating on the aircraft, battling 60-knot winds and 25-foot seas, the crew expertly positioned CG 6010 in a hover over the survivors. Despite the challenging conditions, CG 6010 continued hoisting in the sub-freezing conditions, recovering two survivors. With five survivors still in the life raft, CG 6010 was able to locate a Good Samaritan to recover the remaining survivors. The crew’s superlative aeronautical abilities, initiative, bravery, and teamwork were evident throughout this mission. Congratulations to the crew of CG 6010!

Commander Elmer Stone
Fixed Wing Rescue Award

LT Israel Young,LT Jeanine Menze
LCDR Michael Benson, AET1 Roderick Hanson
AMTC Paul Henning, AET3 Dane Butler
AMT1 Jared Morrison, AET3 Clark Patterson

Award Summary

The Elmer Stone Award recognizes Fixed-Wing aircrews who have demonstrated exceptional performance while engaged in search and rescue operations

Nomination Summary

The commander Elmer F. Stone award goes to the Air Station Kodiak crew of CGNR 1790 in recognition of their efforts on 25 Jauaary 2012

CG 1790 launched during the pre-dawn hours to provide support to CG 6005, which launched from Air Station Kodiak to rescue the crew of the F/V Kimberly. CG 1790 arrived onscene, established communications after COMMSTA Kodiak lost radio contact with CG 6005, and entered an orbit while combating winds ranging from 80 to over 100 knots. Hurricane force winds in such close proximity to the terrain generated heavy localized turbulence and caused un-commanded climbs and descents in excess of 200 feet, forcing both pilots to work to control the aircraft. After the first H-60 was unable to hoist the survivors, CG 1790 remained on station acting as onscene commander. After a second H-60 arrived, the crew of CG 1790 handled all communications with sector anchorage, three H-60s, and a second C-130. The actions of CG 1790 were critical to the successful rescue of 11 persons.

Chief Aviation Machinist Mate
Oliver Berry
Aviation Maintenance Award

AMT1 Lawrence Peranto of Air Station Kodiak, AK

Award Summary

The Coast Guard Aviation Association annually presents the Chief Aviation Machinist Mate Oliver F. Berry Aviation Maintenance Award to an aviation technician who has demonstrated exceptional performance and enhanced the overall quality of Coast Guard aviation maintenance.

Nomination Summary

Demonstrating exceptional leadership, superb technical expertise, and professionalism, AMT1 Peranto played a key role in Air Station Kodiak’s Aviation Engineering Department as a Quality Assurance Inspector, H-60 Shop Supervisor, and Enlisted flight Examining Board member. His relentless work ethic, exemplary technical expertise, and significant efforts mentoring and leading the workforce proved invaluable for the sustained high level of readiness of Air Station Kodiak. Assuming a leadership role for the dissemination and meticulous adherence of applicable technical standards, AMT1 Peranto’s expertise was crucial for the completion of the most complex and challenging maintenance evolutions. Additionally, his direct and timely involvement in the H-60 depot process, augmenting the inundated workforce, greatly aided overall H-60 Periodic Depot Maintenance productivity and enhanced H-60 fleet readiness.

AMT1 Peranto’s inspirational leadership, tremendous technical knowledge, and unwavering commitment to the hangar deck workforce have contributed greatly to the success of Air Station Kodiak, the Aeronautical community, and the entire Coast Guard.