Coast Guard Aviation Association

Ptero News

The organization, the Ancient Order of The Pterodactyl, is the result of the hopes, aspirations and hard work of a small band of kindred spirits. In the spring of 1977, Andrew Wall, George F. Thometz, Marion ‘Gus’ Shrode, and Norman L. Horton, all retired Coast Guard aviators, informally organized an association, fraternal in nature, open to all pilots who had flown or were flying Coast Guard aircraft. The organization was later expanded to include all personnel who flew in Coast Guard aircraft under official orders.

The United States Coast Guard was established on January 28, 1915, per 14USC-&1 as a military service and a branch of the armed forces of the United States of America at all times. Coast Guard Aviation began on the first day of April 1916, when Lieutenant Elmer Stone received orders for Naval Aviation flight training.

It is the intent of the Ptero News to provide noteworthy occurrences and significant events of interest to the Coast Guard Aviation Community and other interested parties.