Accomplishments & Projects

A wise man once stated, “Don’t tell me how hard you have worked… tell me what you have achieved.” Here is but a small example of what the CGAA/AOP has achieved as the result of a large investment of member “sweat equity” and financial commitment in our most recent decade. Together we will far surpass even this level of support of Coast Guard forces and the preservation and display of Coast Guard aviation history.

Published or assisted with research for books on CG aviation
  • “History of Coast Guard Aviation (1916-1996)”
  • Wonderful Flying Machines , Tom Beard
  • Grumman Albatross,  Wayne Mutza
  • HH-52A History . Lennart Lundh
  • USCG Aviation , Robert Dorr
  • The Coast Guard Foundation for Coast Guard History
  • CG Combat Search and Rescue in Southeast Asia , John ‘Bear’ Moseley
Aviation History Web Site
Assisted with funding and historical research
  • CG Aviation Memorial Monument at Elizabeth City
Helped fund and support memorial monument fund raising
  • HH-65A 6505 at Barbers Point
  • HC-130H 1705 at Sacramento
  • LT Jack Rittichier memorial at Kent State University
  • Monument to a Century of Flight at Kittyhawk
  • CG Vietnam Memorial at CG Academy
  • Greenland Patrol Memorial at CG Academy
Donated funding for CG aviation exhibit at National Aviation Museum, Pensacola
  • Oversaw expansions, to this exhibit
  • Addition of vintage RD-4, HO-4S, HH-52A, HH-3F aircraft
  • CG air station patch display
  • Ancient Albatross and Enlisted Ancient Albatross Trophies
Established and sponsor CG Aviation Hall of Honor at ATC Mobile
  • Promote and coordinate induction ceremonies and materials
and many other accomplishments
  • Conduct regular and frequent collaborative liaison with CG Historian’s Office, other members of the Commandant’s staff and CG aviation commands.
  • Researched and publicized 1946 history-altering CG helicopter rescues in Newfoundland (Sabena Airways) and documented recommendation for long overdue official recognition for Army Doctor Samuel Martin responsible for multiple life saving role in that rescue; helped coordinate and fund ceremony for presentation of posthumous Legion of Merit to Martin family
  • Provided funding for CG aviation exhibit at Aerospace Museum at Sacramento
    Committed to ongoing and complex project aimed at seeing a CG airframe displayed for the first time in the Smithsonian Air Museum – acquired HH-52A airframes from various sources – currently engaged in volunteer recruitment and fund raising to complete project
  • Helped to fund and coordinate acquisition and relocation of HU-16E airframe for display at Elizabeth City
  • Helped and continue to help coordinate and fund Change of Watch ceremonies for The Ancient Albatross of the Coast Guard and The Enlisted Ancient Albatross of the Coast Guard
  • Providing funding for the CG Academy Aviation Club
  • Publicize the names of newly designated CG aviators and ATTC honor graduates
  • Commissioned CG aviation art
  • Bryan Snuffer painting at CG Academy
  • Large Gold Leaf CG Aviator Wings at CG Academy
  • Large Gold Leaf CG Aircrew and Rescue Swimmer Wings at ATTC
  • Publish the association journal PTEROGRAM in color
  • Committed to the establishment of local groups of association members to provide direct support to CG aviation commands wherever possible
  • Conceived and sponsor annual awards for CG active duty personnel