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The Ancient Order of The Pterodactyl is the result of the hopes, aspirations and hard work of a small band of kindred spirits. In the spring of 1977, Andrew Wall, George F. Thometz, Marion ‘Gus’ Shrode, and Norman L. Horton, all retired Coast Guard aviators, informally organized a fraternal association open to all pilots who had flown or were flying Coast Guard aircraft. The organization was later expanded to included all personnel who flew in Coast Guard aircraft under official orders. Only those who have willfully placed themselves in harms way and have known that innermost feeling which comes from personal experience resulting in saving life or property can understand the bonding and uniqueness of Coast Guard aviation crew members.

Above photo taken By: Tom Sperduto, PAC, USCG during training exercises in Atlantic City NJ

About the CGAA

Post Coast Guard Aviation Employment Advisory Services

The Coast Guard Aviation Association (CGAA) has now established a mentoring program designed to assist all of our aviation personnel in securing post Coast Guard employment. CGAA Members have volunteered to council and assist, in any way they can, people in the aviation rates with future employment advice and counsel. A list of mentors is available in the members section.

2024 Roost

Celebrating 60 years of ALPAT and our host - HITRON

The 2024 Roost will be held October 15 – 18 in Jacksonville, FL. Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront reservations can be made now!

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Aviation History Website

A project of the CGAA, The Coast Guard Aviation History Website is a testimony to the achievements of Coast Guard Aviation in its first 100 years of service.

The site offers a full chronological history, a catalog of all aircraft used by the Coast Guard as well as many first person rescue stories and narratives.

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Flight Suit Friday Podcast

Flight Suit Friday was created by a group of Coast Guard Aviators to share stories, discuss the art of search and rescue, and most importantly, to revel in this demanding, yet impossibly rewarding, job.

For any Coasties out there past or present, aviators, sailors, watchstanders – there are tales of heroism and rules of life we can all live by and enjoy listening to. We hope to expand our reach beyond the Mighty 65 as the show goes on.

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