Phoenix Project

CGAA established a goal for CGAA to get the Phoenix Project to place a Coast Guard aircraft in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Mr. Roger Connor, curator at NASM U-H, spoke at our 2009 Roost banquet in Elizabeth City and promised that the candidate aircraft would be placed in a position of honor, possibly suspended in flight from the overhead. RADM Bob Johanson, USCG (ret.) has labored long and hard to get 3 H-52s, along with associated dynamic components, from the Aberdeen proving grounds. CGAA purchased an H-52 from a training facility in Arkansas for roughly $8.6K and donated it to the CG. Coincidentally, it arrived at ALC the same weekend as the 2009 Roost.

At the Roost business meeting, we concluded a Memorandum of Understanding for an Action Plan between the Coast Guard and CGAA, together with a Gratuitous Services Agreement that would permit CGAA members, be they active duty or volunteers from the community, to work on the aircraft at ALC using tools and materials authorized by the Coast Guard for the purpose of preparing this artifact for acceptance by a major national aeronautical museum where it will be visited each year by hundreds of thousands of people – including young people who may be inspired to pursue a career in the USCG. CAPT Ray Miller, USCG (ret.) has been instrumental in negotiating the terms of these agreements and facilitating the Phoenix Project, as it has come to be known, so that a once-beautiful bird will rise from the ashes of obscurity.

The Phoenix project is our effort to restore a museum quality HH-52A for display at the Smithsonian Institution’s Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.

CGAA will award a life membership for a donation of $250 or more and a one year membership for a donation of $30 or more. These are simply suggestions, but we urge you to recognize that this will be, the first and only Coast Guard aircraft on display in this prestigious collection for many years. We will be grateful for a donation in any amount.

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