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Coast Guard Aviation Association

Victor Roulund Meritorious On-Scene Performance Award

The Victor Roulund Meritorious On-Scene Performance Award recognizes quick-thinking individuals within U.S. Coast Guard Aviation, who have taken risks and improvised in extraordinary circumstances, with the intent to save lives. The Victor Roulund Award is co-sponsored by Mr. Roy Vander Putten, and the Coast Guard Aviation Association. This award is named in honor of AD2 Victor Roulund, USCG, who, on 24 December 1955, was part of the augmented crew of an HO4S (a variant of the Sikorsky H-19) helicopter, deployed to Marysville, in Northern California. PO Roulund’s crew faced daunting weather and rescue challenges in the vicinity of the Yuba River, where countless people were seriously stricken in sudden, extreme flooding conditions. Within a 12-hour span, PO2 Roulund and his three fellow crewmembers, rotated in and out, hoisting a total of 138 people.  The second Roulund award recipient is Alda Siebrands.

Award Recipients


Alda Siebrands


AST2 James A. Chandler, USCG