Local Coordinators

The Local Coordinator is established in order to promote the CGAA in the general region of Coast Guard Aviation Units as well as other selected locations. The purpose is to raise the profile of the Association, interact with former and active duty aviation personnel, recruit new members and have some fun!

  • The Local Coordinator represents the CGAA to the following:
  • The local Command. Sole point of contact for CGAA issues. Assist the Command in any way the CO may desire.
  • All CG Aviation personnel in the area. Officer or Enlisted, Active or Retired as well as Air Auxiliary.
  • The Local Community. If able, involve CGAA people in community activities and civic as well as other veterans organizations.

Step up! Volunteer to be a Local Coordinator in your area. Contact Ptero National Coordinator Mark Benjamin at 231 642 1201 or sbenjmar@aol.com

Current Coordinators