Local Coordinators

The Coordinator position is established to promote the CGAA in the general vicinity of Coast Guard aviation units and to assist in any way possible each Aviation Command. The CGAA local Coordinator shall be a member of the Coast Guard Aviation Association.

The local Coordinator job description shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • Conduct liaison with local aviation command. Coordinate activities with local CG Aviation unit as the Commanding Officer may desire.
  • Develop a list of current and former Coast Guard Aviation personnel in the local area.
  • Create an e-mail and phone list for frequent communications with local CG Aviation community.
  • Develop methods and utilize CGAA produced materials to recruit Association members.
  • Arrange and coordinate regularly scheduled breakfast, lunch and/or dinner meetings.
  • Coordinate, conduct liaison with other local military veterans’ groups such as CPOA, MOAA, VFW, American Legion, etc.
  • Coordinate CGAA efforts to give back to local community and service organizations thru activities such as roadside cleanups, Habitat for Humanity, local Rotary Club activities, Meals on Wheels etc.
  • On the Editor’s schedule, report all local CGAA activities to the Pterogram editor. Each Coordinator shall provide written materials and appropriate photographs for publication in each and every issue of the Pterogram. This can be as simple as a group photo taken at a local Ptero event with appropriate bi-line explaining the photo.

Current Coordinators

1 Astoria Open
2 Atlantic City Dale Goodreau dgoodreau1@comcast.net 609 390 4329
3 Borinquen Open
4 Cape Cod Brian Wallace ccjbwlbs@comcast.net 508 888 7384
5 Clearwater Mark D’Andrea mark.j.dandrea@live.com 727 288 6679
6 Corpus Christi John Pasch paschfam@gmail.com 504 236 6562
7 Detroit Open
8 Elizabeth City Open
9 Houston Open
10 Humboldt Bay Open