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Ancient Albatross Award

The Ancient Albatross Officer Award (Aviator) was instituted in ’66 to honor the Coast Guard Aviator on active duty holding the earliest designation in recognition of clear defiance of the private realm of the albatross and all it seabird kin while in pursuit of the time-honored Coast Guard duties.

The Ancient Albatross Officer award is sponsored by Airbus Group and Sikorsky Aircraft

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VADM Wililam D. Shields 30 Dec 1965 RADM George D. Passmore 27 June 1991
RADM Charles Tighe 27 Aug 1966 RADM Thomas T. Matteson   05 June 1992
ADM Chester R. Bender 28 Aug 1970 RADM William C. Donnell 19 June 1993
CDR Walter R. Goldhammer 01 June 1974 VADM Richard D. Herr   23 May 1997
RADM Chester. A. Richmond, Jr. 01 July 1975 RADM Edward J. Barrett   30 June 1998
ADCMAP John P. Greathouse 01 July 1977 RADM James C. Olson  14 July 2000
CAPT William D. Harvey   23 Feb 1979 RADM David W. Kunkel 13 May 2006
VADM Charles E. Larkin 05 Sept 1979 VADM Vivien S. Crea 26 June 2008
RADM Frederick P. Schubert   31 July 1984 RADM Gary T. Blore 1 October 2009
VADM Donald C. Thompson   24 May 1985 VADM John P.Currier 14 July 2011
RADM Edward Nelson, Jr.   08 June 1988 RADM John H. Korn 4 June 2014
VADM Clyde E. Robbins 19 May 1989 ADM Charlie Ray 6 April 2015**
VADM Howard B. Thorsen 05 June 1990 RADM Melvin W. Bouboulis 22 April 2021
** Longest holding Ancient Albatross
Ancient Albatross Rear Admiral Melvin W. Bouboulis

Current Ancient Albatross
Rear Admiral Melvin W. Bouboulis

Thirteenth District Commander (D13)
U.S. Coast Guard

Rear Admiral Bouboulis serves as the Commander of the Thirteenth Coast Guard District headquartered in Seattle. He is responsible for all Coast Guard operations throughout the Pacific Northwest which encompasses the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana and includes more than 4,400 miles of coastline, 600 miles of inland waterways, and a 125 nautical mile international border with Canada.

Rear Admiral Bouboulis’ previous Flag Assignment was as the Director of Operational Logistics, in which he was responsible for the delivery of mission support logistics for Coast Guard steady state and contingency response operations and for planned events of national significance. Prior to that, he served as the Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics (CG-4) as the Coast Guard’s “Chief Engineer.”

Previous assignments include: Chief of Staff, Eighth Coast Guard District; Chief, Office of Aeronautical Engineering; Commanding Officer, Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen, Puerto Rico; Logistics Department Head, Air Station Executive Officer and Commanding Officer of Enlisted Personnel for Sector/Air Station Corpus Christi, TX; Aeronautical Engineer at the Aviation Training Center, Mobile, AL; HC-130 Hercules Product Line Manager at Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center, Elizabeth City, NC; Assistant Engineering Officer, Coast Guard Air Station North Bend, OR; Communications and Law Enforcement Officer, Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans, LA; Flight Training, Naval Air Station, Pensacola, FL; and Operations and Deck Watch Officer, USCGC CONIFER, Long Beach, CA.

Rear Admiral Bouboulis flew as an operational pilot at all of his aviation field assignments and participated in the historic Hurricane Katrina response. He has qualified in the MH-65 Dolphin (A, B, and C models), MH-60 Jayhawk, and HC-130 Hercules aircraft, accruing over 4,000 total flight hours.

Rear Admiral Bouboulis graduated from the Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1987. He earned a Master of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Purdue University in 2000, maintains a Department of Homeland Security Acquisition Program Manager Level II Certification, and holds private, commercial airplane, helicopter, and airline transport pilot licenses.

Rear Admiral Bouboulis is the longest serving Coast Guard Aviator, earning him the distinction as the Service’s 26th Ancient Albatross.

Rear Admiral Bouboulis is married to the former Mimi Mayeux. They have one son, Scott.

Enlisted Ancient Albatross Award

In ’88, the Enlisted Ancient Albatross Award was established to honor the Coast Guard enlisted aircrew member on active duty with the earliest graduation date from an aviation technical school. The Ancient Albatross Enlisted Trophy is sponsored by Airbus Group and Sikorsky Aircraft

Enlisted Aircrew

ADCM J. T. Woltz 08 June 1990 SCPO Peter MacDougall 13 May 2006**
MCPO-CG Eric A. Tren 01 Dec 1995 AETCM Michael F. Ferreira 8 August 2014
SCPO Gary Butler 30 June 1998 ASTCM Clay Hill 20 August 2015
AVTCM Douglas W. Farence 02 Nov 1999 MCPO Kit L Harris 14 July 2017
AMTCM Bernard D. Irsik 14 July 2000 AMTCM Broderick W Johnson 24 May 2019
AMTCM Mark T. Bigart 24 April 2002 AETCM Jaime P. Young 22 April 2021
AMTCM Wiliam Beardsley 11 April 2003 AMTCM Shannon L. Fortune 18 July 2022
** Longest holding Ancient Albatross

Current Enlisted Ancient Albatross
AMTCM Shannon L. Fortune, USCG

14th Enlisted Ancient Albatross

Master Chief Shannon Fortune assumed the mantle of the 14th Enlisted Ancient Albatross (EAA) at a Change of Watch (CoW) ceremony at the Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron (HITRON), on July 18, 2022.

He became the HITRON Command Master Chief in Jacksonville, FL, on June 14, 2019, the Coast Guard’s premiere Airborne Use of Force (AUF) unit.

Previously, Master Chief Fortune served as Training Leading Chief Petty Officer at Air Station (AIRSTA) Miami, FL, where his primary responsibility was the training and qualification of assigned HC-144, and MH-65D enlisted aircrew personnel.

Master Chief Fortune’s previous assignments include AIRSTA Miami Training Leading Chief Petty Officer, and MH-65 Platform Leading Chief Petty Officer; AIRSTA San Francisco, CA, AUF Chief, and Command Senior Chief, Aviation Training Center Mobile, AL. In addition, he was Special Missions Branch at AIRSTA Los Angeles, CA; an initial tour at HITRON; AIRSTA Houston, TX; USCGC Clamp (WLIC-75306); USCGC Dauntless (WMEC-624), and USCGC Dependable (WMEC-626).

He is a proud graduate of the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Academy, Class 0179, and the Senior Enlisted Leadership Course, Session No. 70.

Master Chief Fortune’s personal awards include three Coast Guard Commendation Medals, two Coast Guard Achievement Medals, two Commandant’s Letter of Commendation, the Coast Guard Expert Pistol Medal, the Coast Guard Expert Rifle Medal, and the Coast Guard Aircrew insignia.