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Coast Guard Aviation Association

Roll of Valor

The Roll Of Valor was created to honor those personnel who have received higher ranking medals during or associated with flight. The Aviation Association realizes that some citations may be sparse in written justification for the medal in question, but under the rules of award the absence of language may only reflect the sensitive nature of the award, nature of the mission or the organization making the award and that we must trust those approving the award as to the justified merits behind the award.

We solicit all medal holders whose citation has not yet been annotated herein to submit their award to us for inclusion. Simply email an attached copy of your written citation to the roll of valor team.

Medals Column Legend

NC = Navy Cross
AF = Air Force Cross*
SS = Silver Star
DCM = Distinguished Service Medal*

DFC = Distinguished Flying Cross
CGM = Coast Guard Medal
GL = Gold Lifesaving Medal
PH = Purple Heart*

MSM = Meritorious Service Medal
AM = Air Medal
SL = Silver Lifesaving Medal
O = Other