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Coast Guard Aviation Association

Executive Board

Board Members

Peter Troedsson (2551)

Executive Vice President
Ron Tremain (RS191)

Executive Director

Mike Brandhuber (3358)

Asst. Treasurer: Vacant

Executive Secretary
Mike Emerson (2799)

Immediate Past President
Mike Emerson (2799)

Board Members

VP History, Archives & Awards
John “Bear” Moseley (743) https://cgaviationhistory.org/

VP Unit Support & Agency Liaison – vacant

VP Museums, Aircraft, Artifacts & Restorations – vacant

VP Development
Tony Hahn, CG Aviator #3158 – 1991-2020
HH-60J FP, HH-65 IP/FE, HC-144 AC

VP National Roosts
Jay Crouthers CG Aviator #1360/Helo #722
1960 to 1966, SR to ET1. 1966 to 1984; DWO CGC UNIMAK, HH-52A AC, HU-16E CP

VP Communications & Media Affairs
Gary Gamble (1826)
ACFT CDR HH-52A and HH-65A

VP Membership
Jack McGrath (P-2666)
AT-3 1968 – 1972 HH-3F, HH-52A Aircrew

John “Bear” Moseley (743)

At Large
Paul Langlois (1954)

Ye Ancient Scribe
Steve Goldhammer (1207)

Ye Ancient Albatross
Rear Admiral Christopher A. Bartz

Ye Enlisted Ancient Albatross
Master Chief Mark S. Leichenauer

Support Team

Member Management-Database Manager
Larry Hall (1923)

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