Executive Board

President: Mike Emerson  (2799)

Executive Vice President: Janis Nagy (2791)

Executive Director: Benjamin J. Stoppe (1646)

Treasurer: Mike Brandhuber (3358)

Asst. Treasurer: VACANT

Executive Secretary: Mark D’Andrea (2359)

Immediate Past President:   RADM Jim Van Sice (1777)  

Board Members

VP History, Archives & Awards- John “Bear” Moseley (743) https://cgaviationhistory.org/

VP Unit Support & Agency Liaison – vacant

VP Museums, Aircraft, Artifacts & Restorations – vacant

VP Development Tony Hahn, CG Aviator #3158 – 1991-2020
HH-60J FP, HH-65 IP/FE, HC-144 AC

VP National Roosts – Jay Crouthers CG Aviator #1360/Helo #722
1960 to 1966, SR to ET1. 1966 to 1984; DWO CGC UNIMAK, HH-52A AC, HU-16E CP

VP Communications & Media Affairs -Gary Gamble (1826)
ACFT CDR HH-52A and HH-65A

VP  Membership – Jack McGrath (P-2666)
AT-3 1968 – 1972 HH-3F, HH-52A Aircrew

Historian – John “Bear” Moseley (743)

At Large – Paul Langlois (1954)

Ye Ancient Scribe-Steve Goldhammer (1207)

Ye Ancient Albatross – RADM Melvin W. Bouboulis (2915) ex officio

 Ye Enlisted Ancient Albatross – AETCM Jaime P. Young (P-5652) ex officio

Support Team

Member Management-Database Manager – Larry Hall (1923)

Webmaster: Margaret Jordan, Bold Layout LLC