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Monument Dedicated to the Crew of HH-3F 1432

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HH-3F 1432

On February 18, 1979, HH-3F 1432 departed Airstation Cape Cod at 0314 enroute to a Medevac from the F/V KAISEI MARU No. 18.
Upon arrival, an attempt was made to place a litter on the F/V. As the crew prepared to make a second attempt to lower the litter, the aircraft experienced a sudden loss of power. The aircraft was immediately landed on the water, but the violent seas capsized the aircraft, which immediately filled with water. AD2 Mark Torr, the flight mechanic, operating the hoist from the open door, managed to exit the aircraft. The rest of the crew, LCDR Stiles, CAPT. Burge, HM2 Kaehler, and AT2 Tait were unable to escape and perished in the sea. AD2 Torr was picked up by the F/V, which also searched without success for the other crew.

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