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Last Week in Coast Guard Aviation – 31 July to 6 August

CGAA Editors

TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY – 31 JULY 1974 (1 OF 2): a U.S. Navy Grumman TE-2A Hawkeye assigned to the 120th Airborne Early Warning Squadron crashed while practicing touch-and-gos at Elizabeth City Airport, NC. The mishap was caused by a failure of the port engine’s auto-feather system. The aircraft careened and struck a maintenance building at the Coast Guard Aircraft Repair and Supply Center (ARSC) setting off a fire in an upholstery and fiberglass shop.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/sean.m.cross.3/posts/pfbid0GXybreCqk2DmgXRbYgbNUWuAAZYeETJ7Am5JNzAa1r8P6asExDYKJyG2mKD6A7tPl
TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY – 31 JULY 1984 (2 OF 2): RADM Frederick P. Schubert assumed duties as Ancient Albatross No. 9 on 31 July 1984 at Air Station San Francisco, CA.
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TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY – 01 AUGUST 1942 (1 OF 3): a Coast Guard J4F Widgeon #V-212 assigned to Air Station Biloxi, MS but deployed to Houma, LA and crewed by Chief Aviation Pilot Henry White and carrying crewman RM1c Henderson Boggs, attacked a surfaced German submarine off the coast of Louisiana with a single depth charge.
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TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY – 01 AUGUST 1989 (2 OF 3 – VIDEO): Two HH-65A helicopters assigned to Air Station Houston, TX – #6591 crewed by LT David Spillman (AC); LT Michael Houtz (CP) and AT3 John Romano (FM) and #6584 crewed by LCDR Dana Goward (AC); LT Patrick McHugh (CP) and AM2 Anthony Johnson (FM) – launched on 01 August 1989 in response to fishermen in the water during Hurricane CHANTAL.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/sean.m.cross.3/posts/pfbid02Uky47uQTSv4tLeLZ587dc7Q4f8LLN8Gn8Ydj2WjB2AMGLPsMT5JvMSXswTPgpCe4l
TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY – 01 AUGUST 1983 (3 OF 3): an HH-52A #unknown assigned to Air Station San Francisco, CA and crewed by CDR Jerry J. Surbey^^^ (AC); unknown (CP) and unknown (FM) launched to conduct a medical evacuation of crewman suffering from a gun shot wound to the chest aboard the fishing vessel CLIPPER 11 six miles off Point Ano Nuevo, CA.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/sean.m.cross.3/posts/pfbid02uDpoWxvQpoEhEziM5N4UTL4BdrnhZhSsgBFZhnj1KxAwEx48vG5LWDRgkm7GThoVl
TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY – 02 AUGUST 1995: two HH-60Js (#6028 and #6031) assigned to Air Station Clearwater, FL (but, #6031 was hurricane-evacuated to Fort Meyers, FL) and crewed as follows: #6031: LT Tom Walker (AC); LTJG Steve McCarthy (CP); unknown (FM) and ASM3 Clark M. Evenson (RS) #6028: LCDR Jeff Garden (AC); LT Jim O’Keefe (CP); unknown (FM) and ASM3 Charles A “Chuck” Brannon (RS) launched in response to the 150-foot casino cruise ship CLUB ROYALE beleaguered by 20-30 foot seas and 50-knot winds during the height of Hurricane ERIN and experiencing uncontrollable flooding causing the crew to abandon ship 100 miles east of Port Canaveral, FL.
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Since we had nothing on the docket for 03 AUGUST (please advise if you have anything) for TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY, I thought I’d take the open slot to clean up some loose ends with another case.
We have been trying to flesh out all of the aircrews and awards associated with the 04 OCTOBER 1980 mission to rescue the survivors of the cruise ship PRINSENDAM from Air Stations Sitka and Kodiak – we have verified most of the HH-3F aircrews (still have some blanks), but we have none of the HC-130H aircrews. Have been told to pick up a copy of “None Were Lost” by Stephen J. Corcoran – but, in the meantime – wanted to see what we could fill in with audience participation. See below.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/sean.m.cross.3/posts/pfbid0L7hCWt55fLcvEQgpV9qum2FiU4jLuHE8CqTosQWuT2GumY3iWVdNvM6maoebWKfGl
TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY – 04 AUGUST 1995: CDR Stewart Ross Graham, USCG (retired) was inducted into the Coast Guard Aviation Hall of Honor at Aviation Training Center (ATC) Mobile, AL.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/sean.m.cross.3/posts/pfbid0p9qEUc5H5r1bzUDGvE595JBpEkDNVmC32dkimoP9o5FhCQw5ecLX7ihraMDh9PCXl
TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY – 05 AUGUST 1941 (1 OF 2): a Douglas RD-4 Dolphin #V126 assigned to the newly opened Air Station San Francisco, CA*** and crewed by AMM1 (AP) Leonard L. Stonerock (AC); AMM1 Fleet D. Hancock (FE); RM1 John C. Gill (RD) was on a routine patrol to the Farallon Islands west of the Golden Gate.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/sean.m.cross.3/posts/pfbid0oQ9ZMYBRjmGorkWeMcuEufbUiWjqQ6kP4a8QM64WamkHsepfJcmtniBhn7719NwWl
TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY – 05 AUGUST 1942 (2 OF 2): At 1613 hours on 5 August 1942 the unescorted ARLETTA (Master George William Stockton Rogers), a straggler from convoy ON-115 en route from Grangemouth, Scotland to Halifax, N. S, was torpedoed and sunk by U-458 south-southwest of Cape Race. The master, 27 crew members and six gunners were lost. The chief officer William M. Duncan and four crew members were rescued after 15 days adrift by the U.S. Coast Guard weather ship USS MENEMSHA (AG 39) and landed at Boston on 25 August.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/sean.m.cross.3/posts/pfbid02jw6HaSTH1rDG7DgA6D1CjVE8FWc3p7TFnNcazsBzGvMke4ZJbFpz6D3pPN71WR1Sl
TODAY IN COAST GUARD AVIATION HISTORY 06 AUGUST 2020 (*** VIDEO ***): the Coast Guard recognized two SAR helicopter crew members with the nation’s highest award for ‘heroism in aviation’ for their role in a high-stakes rescue during the 2019 California wildfire season. Aircraft Commander LCDR Derek Schramel, Aviator 4226, and rescue swimmer AST1 Graham McGinnis received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the same award first granted to pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh.
Link: https://www.facebook.com/sean.m.cross.3/posts/pfbid02YRANugrZGeM8nhzwinqY39xPc3Sk7cGews7ZBRcuEHRx4WhuSPbyR9qzTEBuytqsl